The reading was awesome! Ryan was amazing and I was so excited to get a reading from him! He answered a lot of my questions and was spot on about my health! I would definitely recommend him for a reading!

Kristel from Florida (2020)

You don’t know me, and maybe you don’t need to know this, but your mission statement really impacted me in a positive way. I needed to read that. So, I’m just saying thank you. I saw you on Psychic Kids, and although there were a lot of other people on the show, something about you clicked with me. So, I decided to look you up, which brought me to that message. So, I just wanted to say thank you. Maybe this message will find you at a time when you need it too. Much love to you and your family and keep doing what you do, we appreciate you!

Renata ​from California​ (2020)

Thank you for the amazing reading. You truly have a gift. I appreciate the detail and concise information you provided me. My heart has peace and I can move forward.
Love and light,

Kelly from Texas (2020)

My Q&A session was awesome. I have been following the paranormal as entertainment for years and there have been a handful of mediums, I have observed over the years that I have been impressed with. You are definitely the best of the best. I was always reluctant to reach out to a medium but the words on your website are what convinced me not to be embarrassed and give it a try. Specifically, “No matter what pain and heartbreak you have experienced in your life up until now, please understand that it all happened for a reason. Now your journey has brought you here, reading this, at this very moment. I do not know you, but I care about you. Please let me help you find the answers”. You were 100% accurate and you picked up on things I didn’t even put in the questions. I can tell you are a caring person and you definitely have an amazing gift. I will continue to reach out and use your services, as long as they are available.

On a personal note, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re the best medium I have seen on TV. Your shows are awesome, and I can’t wait to read your books and see what you do next. You have a caring way about you, but you also have strength. You’re caring and calm enough to help people in need but strong enough to deal with negative things and keep them at bay. I wish you all the success in the world and you should be proud of all of your accomplishments at such a young age.

Kenny M. from New Jersey (2020)

I purchased a pet reading from Ryan and sent Ryan a picture of my dog Chiquita. The veterinarian kept treating her for minor things. She would get better and then she would get sick again. Ryan immediately responded and informed me he took his time working with Chiquita’s energy. Ryan let me know he did not have good news for me. He validated her arthritis that I believed was not too bad, but he let me know it was more problematic than I had originally thought. I knew her vision, kidney and liver had some issues, but I did not provide this information to Ryan. He just confirmed the severe issues she had. He also mentioned he saw signs of diarrhea which indeed she did, but I didn’t share that with him. Ryan informed me that she would decline rapidly and that little could be done for Chiquita. One day I noticed she had been panting and not wanting to eat. When I took her to the emergency veterinarian clinic, she was diagnosed with everything Ryan had told me along with congestive heart failure. She passed away on 5/13/2020. I just wanted to thank Ryan for allowing me to prepare myself for this devastation I was going to be facing. His reading was so accurate, and his ability is amazing because his gift allowed me to prepare for my loss and made my healing easier.

Leticia McClure from California ​(2020)

I purchased a coaching session with Ryan and due to his high demand for sessions, my appointment did not happen as scheduled. I sent Ryan a message and he responded immediately to reschedule my session. He attempted to contact me at our scheduled appointment, but my phone had a restriction I was not aware of, so I changed my setting. I reached out to Ryan to reschedule and he contacted me, informing, he had a last-minute cancelation. I finally had my session with Ryan, and he provided me with so much insight, clarity and accurate detailed information that allowed me to prepare and plan for my future. I want to thank Ryan for sharing his beautiful gift with the world. I highly recommend a session with Ryan because it is definitely worth it.

Leticia McClure from ​California ​(2020)

So, I had scheduled the appointment months out, then the date was changed 4 times. I got really bummed thinking it would never happen. Well it finally did happen, and Ryan was right on. I had reserved an “Open Channel” spirit reading. Two deceased loved ones came through, plus a Spirit Guide / Grandmother. I have 6 things going on with my health. The Spirit Guide / Grandmother and Ryan identified all 6. No more and no less. Ryan was right on the health issues and worth the cost of the reading definitely. I highly recommend you get an appointment with Ryan. And remember that if appointments get put off, he will get to you when his schedule permits.

John N from ​Wisconsin (2020)

I’m a big fan of Ryan! I’ve seen all of his TV appearances. Ryan combines compassion & understanding with real knowledge and real advice!

Larry Walter from Columbus, Ohio (2020)

I have spoken with Ryan on the phone and via email. He has been amazingly accurate with his predictions. Unfortunately for me, the predictions were not positive, but Ryan was spot on. First Ryan informed me that I would “very soon, in the next few weeks” find out that my boyfriend had hidden and then deleted text messages from another woman. Now, I want to point out that when I called Ryan, I was very happy with my relationship and did not expect such a negative prediction. He also described my boyfriend’s personality and past with 100% accuracy, without any details from me. All I gave him was the name of my boyfriend. So, two weeks later the hidden and deleted text message event transpired, just like Ryan said it would. I then emailed some questions for Ryan to answer. I asked if my boyfriend was being honest about how he handled the text message situation, if he was lying about other women, and if I could trust him. Ryan said I should absolutely not trust him and that he was lying and manipulating others and that I should consider leaving him. He saw more betrayal and a breakup. Sure enough, within a few weeks all of this came to fruition. Every prediction Ryan made came true. He has an amazing gift and so much compassion for his clients. I will definitely recommend him to anyone seeking answers and guidance in their life. Thanks, Ryan!

Karen from California (2020)

I really appreciated my reading from the talented and compassionate, Ryan Michaels. My reading was spot on and it’s really helping make some tough decisions in my life.
Thank you Ryan for taking your time out to help me and others.

I highly recommend a reading if you have been considering it. You won’t be disappointed. I am happy to receive some much needed clarity so I can move forward with my life and not remain stuck in situations no longer serving me.

Ashley from ​Virginia ​(2020)

I booked a paranormal consultation with Ryan for the first time upon experiencing a very vivid premonition that came to pass. Experiencing something so strange and so graphic was distressing, and I wasn’t sure how to navigate it.
Ryan listened carefully and was able to explain the experience as well as provide really practical tools for me to move forward with. I really appreciate my time with him, and would recommend it to anyone seeking clarity, tools, or understanding.

Eugenia from Vancouver, Canada (2020)

I just started watching your show, something about you, draws me to you. I admire your genuine and sincere emotions with these kids. I see that you are a motivational speaker and that makes sense as you have such a calming voice. That’s probably what drew me in. I just wanted to let you know you are an amazing person, and very inspiring!

Trisha from Iowa (2020)

Thank you for getting back to me so soon! When I read your answers to my questions you couldn’t have been more spot on. I shared this email with my twin sister, and even she said, “he’s so right.” I will be booking the Intuitive Consultation / Psychic Advising reading in the very near future. Thank you again Ryan.

Abigail Wolf from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (2020)

Ryan Michael is phenomenal. I know what he does is a phenomenon, but the man himself is as well. I asked a lot of questions – I think just to know if he was the real thing, and he SO IS. I’ve been to “street sign psychics” and laughed all the way home at their malarkey. My husband was having some difficulties and Ryan, who reminded me that he is not a doctor and told us to check with one, pegged the cause exactly. This will put my husband on a faster path to healing and I’m so grateful. Although not all of it was what I wanted to hear, it definitely confirmed what I was thinking and will make it easier to make decisions without that uncertainty slowing me down. Now that I know he is 100% what people say he is, I’m scheduling a Direct Channel Reading TODAY.

Dawn Howard from Ohio ​(2020)

The experience I had with Ryan and the loved ones he channeled was nothing short of amazing. Everything he received from spirit was true and spot on. I was in disbelief that he was able to pick up on extremely personal and intimate details that no one else could have possibly known, unless that person was completely in tune with spirit. Ryan is a truly blessed and gifted individual with abilities beyond comprehension. He was professional, yet personable, compassionate, and empathetic. He tactfully handled delicate situations and yet was very straightforward with the messages he received. He not only relays messages from spirit but picks up on your innermost emotions and feelings and helps you to understand where these stem from and how to deal with them in the future. Ryan changed my perspective on life and death and where we all go from here in the afterlife. He taught me to never let go of my loved ones that have passed and that they are always here by my side looking after me. I highly recommend having a session with Ryan, either to channel loved ones or to have him help you deal with your innermost feelings. Your perspective on life will forever be impacted in the most beautiful way. Thank you to Ryan ​and his assistant f​or making me realize there is more to life than the present one that I am living now.

Norma from Texas (2020)

I had a second reading from Ryan today and it was as amazing as the first. I have been having some paranormal issues and he picked up on the entity and energy immediately. He knew it was attached to the location which is accurate and gave amazing advice on how to handle the situation. 10 plus stars to this man’s gifts!

Kelly from Cataline, Ohio (2020)

Ryan was a pleasure to speak with! He immediately tuned into my energy and situation, and accurately described what was happening in my life and with my relationships. I know what spirit wants for me and for my life. I can move forward now with confidence. Thank you, Ryan!

Laura from California (2020)

I had a spirit reading on March 1, 2020. Like most people, I have had difficult times throughout my life. Ryan gave me a gift that no one else could. My son communicated with me from the “other side” in only words he could have voiced. No one could possibly know anyone that well to have relayed the information I received, other than his mother. If you need peace and understanding, I would suggest Ryan for help. Ryan has my eternal thanks for giving me a chance to talk to my son again.

Mary from Florida (2020)

I just wanted to say I think it’s amazing how much u help these kids! You are an unique soul! I wanted to personally thank you! Keep up all your amazing work.

Frenda from Pennsylvania (2019)

Dear Ryan,

I have not received a reading from you, but you helped me more than you will ever know.

I have been suffering from what I think was some sort of dark attachment for many years. I was tortured by uncontrollable intrusive thoughts that I call memory attacks. Triggers would unleash a chain of old memories that embarrassed or upset me leaving me constantly humiliated and afraid. I suffered with extreme anxiety, fear, and hypervigilance and was always on edge. I could not get away from what seemed to be inside my own head. I often told my partner it felt deliberate. It felt as if someone was constantly and deliberately tormenting me with my own memories.

About a month ago the symptoms increased, and I felt as if I could be in trouble. About two weeks ago I began to smell the scent of roses. Just over a week ago I watched an episode of New Psychic Kids. Peri called on you for help in assisting a family who was experiencing a dark entity. I followed your method of protection and I’m blow away. It seems to have gone. I feel a clarity I’ve only felt a half dozen times in my life. It’s as if a sooty veil has been lifted. I don’t even look the same. I’ve tried everything to help myself, but nothing has worked. I thought I was just a rubbish person.

My partner informed me that when he was watching tv on the same night, a shadow appeared in front of his face and remained there for about a minute or more and then disappeared. He said it was faint, but it was definitely there and separate from him. My impression was of a grainy/granular swarm. I’m a little concerned that it might still be around.

I’m so very grateful to you, Ryan, and whatever guided me to watch. Is it possible that it’s been with me for 50 or more years? The only thing I can think of is playing with a Ouija board when I was about 14. After that things took a bit of a turn, with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, sabotage of relationships, and rages that have lasted for half a century.

Again, thank you. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and relief. You’re doing a great service to those of us who have been misunderstood and doubted and tormented by unseen forces.

Sincerely, Anne O’Neill, Old Daily, South Ayrshire, Scotland (2019)

I absolutely love the show and getting to see the kids be validated and mentored by fellow psychics who understand the sometimes frightening and foreign realm of the paranormal. A must watch for any young people who may be struggling to recognize what may be happening to them. Validating, empowering and inspiring. Great family viewing.

Timarra from Australia (2019)

My session with Ryan has brought so much peace to my Heart. It was amazing how he was able to pick up on my health issues and all the symptoms he described are exactly what I’ve been dealing with. My overall experience with today’s reading was over and above what I expected. Thank you for your time and guidance.

Genie from Illinois (2020)

Truly an awesome, eye opening experience to hear Ryan eloquently put matters into such a clear perspective for me.

Molly from Pennsylvania (2019)

About 8 years ago I attended a private event that Ryan was a guest at for a group reading. It was about 20 people. All my friends and I knew each person personally. Among the group was a wide variety of skeptics and believers. Some were just curious. Some felt they were there just to witness. No one knew truly what to do or expect. Ryan was very specific about how he was going to start the process and explained in detail to the best of his knowledge what he could and could not accomplish in such a large group. The readings started and all was going great. We took a break so people could potty, smoke etc. During the break, some of my friends were being quite rude and making fun of the whole thing. I found this pretty out of character for them, and it quite honesty pissed me off. Ryan, to my knowledge, has never been anything but transparent with his gifts and has never claimed to be anything more than what he is. So, these people actually wanted to create a sabotage of sorts. They wanted to try and make him bring through a celebrity which he’s never claimed to be able to do. He’s very up front that it can only be a family or friend for this reading. It has to be someone you have a connection to. So, they were coming up with a name and I just said John Wayne, not even knowing why I came up with it. So back to the reading. We all sit down and within 30 seconds Ryan looks straight at me and almost gets emotional and has to stop for a minute to process what’s coming at him. Turns out it was my grandfather who pretty much worshiped John Wayne in life. I won’t go into what all my grandfather said to me through him, but no doubt in my mind that was 100% my pap. That’s the only time I have ever had any medium read me to absolute accuracy, and with undeniable details to confirm identity.

Lynne from Pennsylvania (2012)

Ryan, you have such an amazing special gift that will help so many people! I’m thrilled that I found you! During and even after the session, I began to feel the heaviness become lighter and lighter! You gave me hope that things will work out. I feel stronger than ever, and now know what needs to be done to keep going in a positive direction! Thank you for such an incredible session!

Polly from Nevada (2020)

You aren’t always going to enjoy the information you get from a psychic. Especially when they don’t have anything positive to report, and you are literally trying your hardest to turn your life around. Remaining in the same place you were before you even tried to change or help yourself. With that being said, all of the information that came through during the reading was accurate as well as revealing. I would recommend a reading with Ryan if you want accurate information, whether good or bad. This will help you guide your life down the correct path and to be aware of all paths that exist. Thanks for the reading!

Eli from California (2019)

Thank you for helping our youth! You are amazing! God bless!

Anne from unknown (2019)

I recently attended one of Ryan’s presentations. I was not disappointed! He was enthusiastic, entertaining, and very informative. His excitement about sharing his gift to help others, especially younger kids struggling to make sense of their abilities, was especially touching! He didn’t shy away from questions but encouraged them. I came away with a better understanding. If you are just curious or are looking for answers, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Ryan.

Diane from Pennsylvania (2019)

My name is Kristyn. My very first party that I went to where the medium was coming to do readings was one where Ryan was the medium. I was scared that I would be the only one that he wouldn’t be able to read. Boy was I wrong! He brought through my grandparents and I was able to hear a lot from them through him. Ryan is really great at his gift.

Kristyn from Pennsylvania (2015)

Please keep being amazing and helping these young adults navigate! You don’t know my family, but we appreciate you and your knowledge. Seriously, thank you!

Jessica from unknown (2019)

When I first met Ryan, I was a little skeptical, but after his presentation I am a believer. Ryan gave a program that not only made me a believer in the afterlife but put my mind at rest about my family and friends that have passed over. His program touched all who attended. He was professional, kind, and very up on his topic. After the meeting I had the pleasure of meeting him one on one, and at the time he educated me a bit more. Keep up the good work!

Charlie Rimini from Pennsylvania (2019)

Ryan Michaels is a very interesting and talented psychic medium. Being somewhat a nonbeliever, it only took mere minutes for me to be impressed. He is a talented man. If anyone gets the opportunity to attend a presentation, do yourself a favor and be blown away. Good job Ryan!

Sherry from Pennsylvania (2019)

I had a reading with Ryan, and he is amazing and accurate. He picked up on things that were not mentioned in my questions which are things only I know because I’m a very private person. I’m so grateful to connect to this handsome beautiful soul. Many blessings to you and all you do! Love and light.

R.G. from Texas (2019)

I had a reading with Ryan after my son, Brad, passed away. I wasn’t sure if he would come through, but he did. Everything Ryan told me only I would have known. What I was most surprised about was it was my dad that brought Brad through. Ryan described my dad exactly and there was no doubt in my mind it was him. Ryan is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone.

Kay from Pennsylvania (2016)

Ryan is truly a gifted, amazing psychic, and medium! The work he did helping other psychic kids moved me to tears. His motivational presentation was inspirational! What a kindhearted, genuine person he is. Love what you are doing. The world is a better place because you are in it.

Gina from Pennsylvania (2019)

Just received an email reading from Ryan, and I’m very happy with the results. Some of the answers were spot on, and others were a bit futuristic, so only time will tell. I highly recommend him. Thanks Ryan.

Lorraine from Anonymous (2019)

I booked a 30-minute intuitive session with Ryan. It immediately felt like I was connecting with an old friend. He is a man of few words, but those words were profound to me. Although he answered all my questions with clarity, I mostly enjoyed his view on life. We get so caught up in the “what if’s,” and the “why’s” that we stop living and that’s what I did! He has an old soul and I appreciated his time, his intuitiveness, and his advice. Thank you!

Nicole from Michigan (2020)

I just had a reading with Ryan Michaels. We finally connected after some scheduling mishaps because I did not realize if you schedule a reading with Ryan, it is subject to change. This makes sense to me, as I can understand that Ryan is a human being and has a very busy schedule. I never doubted his gift and wanted to say how much he helped me with taking a different perspective on various thoughts, feelings, and worries that have been recently plaguing me. I am thankful for this reading because it validated what I needed, and it also left me feeling more positive about a current work situation. This was a helpful experience!

Janell from California (2020)

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