I went to Ryan to discuss some life changes taking place and wanted some insight as to whether or not I was on the right track. Ryan is a very enlightened and spiritual reader who answered all of my questions and offered up some excellent conversation. I enjoyed every aspect of my reading and left feeling informed, aware, and confident that I chose him. I highly recommend Ryan and look forward to having him read for me again.

Simone T. from Alexandria, Virginia (2022)

I enjoyed my recent session with Ryan. I found him to be extremely compassionate and empathetic in his delivery. He was very respectful of my time and wanted to be sure my questions were thoroughly addressed. One question I had required some additional review and Ryan followed up with me as promised. I found the session valuable and insightful and left the conversation with a sense of peace and a new way to view my happiness. I am incredibly grateful.

Chris from Iowa (2022)

I had an Open Channel Spirit Reading with Ryan and all I can tell you is that he’s a truly gifted Psychic Medium. Whether you’re skeptical or not, you will be blown away by Ryan’s abilities and accuracy. He did my health scan and I was so shocked! Spot on! He genuinely shows care and constantly makes sure all of your questions are answered, which is greatly appreciated. Ryan, you are amazing! Thanks for your time and for all that you do. I look forward to future readings with you. Thank you so much for sharing with us your gift of LOVE & LIGHT.

Aray from New York (2022)

I had an open channel session with Ryan and it was an amazing experience. There were so many things that he brought up during the session that were so spot on; Things about me that he could not have otherwise known. I loved how he so patiently answered all of my questions and focused on the things that were important for me to hear and understand. I am so glad I had this session with Ryan and I am looking forward to the next one already!

Charu (2022)

My reading with Ryan was very informative, fun, relaxed, and beyond interesting. I got to learn a little bit more about myself and some of my experiences which has helped me heal in so many ways. I am very thankful for Ryan’s time, energy, and knowledge. He is a true light and I will definitely return for additional readings. I walked out of the reading with a bit of a different perspective and a better mindset. Ryan is very genuine, informative, and talented. I recommend him to friends quite often!

Sophie from Washington (2022)

Before contacting Ryan, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and confusion over several challenges in my life and it had begun to affect my judgment, decision making, and clarity of thought. From the moment I expressed all of this to Ryan, not only did I feel truly “heard,” but he also conveyed total empathy and kindness to me. His guidance has enabled me to let go of the emotional aspects of the issues and structure positive changes in my life for the future. I shall recommend Ryan to friends and shall seek his wisdom and guidance in the future.

Sandie from London, United Kingdom (2022)

I had an email reading with Ryan. I wasn’t sure how the process would look but Ryan was very informative beforehand and told me what to expect. Once I had my reading in hand, I was beyond impressed. The people and stories that Ryan was able to give me were very accurate. I was also able to ask questions at the end and he was very responsive in getting back to me with the answers. I have a second session set up with Ryan this time via phone and I am so excited to see what is in store for me! Thanks Ryan. You have such an amazing gift!

Gina from California (2022)

I’d like to thank Ryan for the reading he gave us regarding our home. After he told us what he found and what his concerns were, it helped us realize what was really going on. He’s a pleasure to talk with, and makes sure to answer all of your questions. He’s very genuine, and cares about you. Thank you so much Ryan once again, and I really hope to have another session with you in the near future.

Francisca from New York (2020)

Ryan gave guidance that cut through the mental clutter. In addition to helping problem-solve particular short-term situations, he provided feedback as to why certain patterns have been present in my life and how to move past those patterns. After the conversation, I felt a clear sense of direction.

Bethany from Illinois (2020)

Thank you for the amazing reading Ryan! I had several questions that needed solid insight from someone with a true gift. Ryan met and exceeded my expectations. His delivery was clear as well as caring. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to receive insight from Ryan. He has a true gift and I am grateful that he has chosen to share it with the world. I will be a return client!

Kay from Atlanta, Georgia (2021)

My first thought when describing my interactions with Ryan is comforting. Not only is his approach comforting, but also his natural demeanor. When speaking with Ryan about life, he was honest and thoughtful, which I would describe as equally thought provoking. I agree with his views on energy and life and respect his gifted insight. I also appreciate the way he had me truly think, think deeper yet lighter and broader at the same time. He is clearly intelligent and has a genuine interest in the topics he speaks of. What really meant a lot to me, on a personal level, was his willingness to be open and share his own past struggles, as they closely resembled mine. It’s natural to find comfort in those who “get you” or get what you’re trying to convey. While explaining this situation and speaking of mine, he still looked energetically, intuitively, to see if there was something going on that I’ve been missing. Given the situation we related on, he knows how important it is to not ignore such feelings. I found even more comfort in that, not only did he relate, but he took it seriously and “scanned” me as well. He made me feel confident that I was on the right path and honest when and how it won’t be easy and reminded me that easy isn’t the goal of life either. Ryan has a natural ability to tell you something you know, but have you think about it in a new way, even if just to confirm what you’re feeling and thinking is true/correct. I have an open channel reading scheduled and I am most looking forward to that! I cannot wait to see his abilities and who may come to chat from the other realm. As a firm believer- from my own personal experiences and experiences I have had with other mediums, the gift of intuition is one we all may have inside but it sure is a special gift he possesses! I am truly looking forward to experiencing that with him and sharing what I call the “magic” of life and death, the eternal connection I know to be true, that no one will ever fully understand. In the future I would like to work with Ryan on some spiritual coaching. His energy resonates with me, it feels healing, I get his insight and agree with his views. I feel he will “get” me. Ryan is someone I would want to befriend and help, as I know he would genuinely appreciate and acknowledge that same care he’s happy to give others. I can tell he is a good person, one with a truly amazing gift. As a side note- the person he told me to watch nightly was spot on for everything I believe, find interest in and need in my life to heal. I like Ryan’s mind, it’s a blessing for all to share that with him!

Stacey from Maryland (2021)

I am very selective about working with psychics as I am very sensitive to energy. After observing Ryan ‘s care and compassion on Psychic Kids, I decided to book an intuitive consultation. Ryan offered thoughtful insights to questions about my career, family, finances, and health. He zeroed in on specifics that no one else could have known and was spot on in his assessments.  I left the session feeling validated, clearer and more focused on my path. People like Ryan are rare indeed and I feel fortunate for his guidance. Wishing you much peace on your journey, Ryan!

Susan from Connecticut (2021)

I had seen Ryan on the show, Psychic Kids, and for me some kind of connection clicked in my head. So of course, I went to google and found that he offered private sessions! I had no idea how much I needed to speak with him. I purchased the paranormal consult and I got way more from Ryan than I thought I would. He allowed me to open up about things I was concerned with or just questions that I had, and he really helped me see things in a completely different light. He did give me answers to my questions, really blunt answers. He offered me suggestions and even gave me a little bit of “homework” to do to help me explore myself. Everything he told me made complete sense to me, and I felt very comfortable talking with him. He is very knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. From this session, I changed my view of my “problem.” I now know that I have all the answers inside of me, and I will definitely be using Ryan to help me get to those realizations. If you are second guessing whether or not this is something you want to do, don’t, just do it. Ryan can really change your life, given the opportunity. I look forward to having mine changed as well!!! Thank you so much Ryan for all that you do.

Jamie from California 2021

Thank you so much Ryan for responding to my questions and providing insight to me. I am so grateful for your input. I appreciate your kindness and quick response. I truly hope you find the most happiness in life and know that I’m very grateful to you! I hope our paths cross again.

Miranda Lynch from Washington (2021)

I’m super grateful for a reading with Ryan! He was extremely helpful with providing insight into my current circumstances as well as my path going forward. Our reading brought me clarity and helped me navigate many decisions coming up. The session was filled with positivity & loving energy! I look forward to implementing the advice that came through! Highly recommended.

Anna from unknown (2021)

Ryan is genuine and can be trusted. You may have to wait a bit for the appointment, but be patient as it will be worth it. My Husband and I have had several consultations with Ryan and each have been more interesting than the last. My husband, who started as a complete skeptic, has been blown away by Ryan’s abilities. Ryan’s accuracy and guidance in the intuitive sessions has helped us with decision making as we get ready for an upcoming move. The open channel reading was equally as impressive. Ryan connected my husband with a deceased relative that was only known to him through a few letters during childhood. It was an emotional moment to find out that this relative has stayed close to my husband as a spiritual guide. Further discussions with family revealed more of Ryan’s accuracy regarding health matters. His guidance has been a comfort in very complex times, and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Rob and Laurie from Virginia (2021)

The email took longer than expected. It ended up taking 3 weeks longer than it was supposed to. I was kind of disappointed with how long it took, as it has kind of discouraged me from doing another email session. I do believe everything happens for a reason though, and I’m glad it did take so long. I think looking back if I had known how long it could take to get a reply, I may have asked different questions. Nonetheless, Ryan did clear some things up for me, that I was feeling too. My relationship has changed significantly since I first emailed, and it may have ended differently if I had seen the email earlier. It has blossomed in so many ways and became a connection and future I feel confident in now. I had to really reflect, and communicate what my intentions, needs, and wants were to my boyfriend. I ended up writing him a letter soon after I sent my email, about my feelings, and what I want for my future. I have never opened up to him in that way before. He genuinely listened to me with his soul. It was such a healing experience for both of us. Since then, we both have actively worked towards the goals we have created and on ourselves. I feel that Ryan was right about saying my boyfriend was a lesson before true love. Ryan also said that I needed to know my true value and what I want out of life. This is very funny because that’s exactly what I put in my letter to my boyfriend. Now, I feel our love is on a higher level, and very true. Also, Ryan is right about my question about moving back to Michigan. Ryan said moving back would create me to stay in situations that I don’t want to be in. This is true, although we have decided to move back, we are planning to live with his parents. That is a situation I don’t want to be in for long! I appreciate Ryan’s energy and time. To be honest, I am not sure if I did a good job of explaining my questions via email, or if it’s just not the best way to be psychically advised. Ryan did a great job, and I hope to have more sessions that are one on one in the future. Thank you!

Jacqueline from Colorado (2020)

Ryan, I recently binge watched Psychic Kids and fell in love with your soul. In every episode I watched where you would mentor, an instant feeling of peace would fall all over me. I love how much you cared about each one of those kids and shared your own experiences with them to make them feel more comfortable. You have an absolute way with words. I fully support everything that you do. Your empathy is magical.

Abby Witham from unknown (2021)

I just wanted to reach out and let Ryan know that I am so grateful for his time and insight in our session the other night. He was very kind and personable and I truly appreciate his words and heart. Thank you.

Danielle from Florida (2021)

I can honestly say I highly recommend Ryan’s Life Courses. If you’re like me and on the fence about it, I say try it out. You’d be surprised how eye opening the experience and conversation will be but make sure you focus on and or meditate on what you would really like Ryan to help you focus on. He really helped me but you really gotta be honest and open with yourself to Ryan and mostly sincere about how you want the conversation to go. Ryan and his lovely receptionist are awesome and can work with you as long as you can be patient and work with them and treat people the way you want to be treated. Thanks again Ryan and thank you to Ryan’s lovely assistant for all that you do. I appreciate you and if they don’t say it enough I will!! Thank you so much!

Ashley Brown from Maryland (2021)

For the past few weeks, I have been reviewing my notes from my reading. OMG! EVERYTHING about my health has come to pass, the info about my cousin’s husband was spot on and much, much more. Yes, you have a gift that keeps on giving and I must say thank you. Even though some of the information did not click with me at the time, as days passed, I understood exactly what you shared with me. If anyone has reservations about you, don’t because you are the real deal. My reading was in October and because of you I was able to find out about medical issues that would have gone awry if I didn’t follow up with my doctor. Thank you again!

On another note, and as stated to you before, your reading was spot on. You asked me “Is something happening in your family around the holidays,” because you said you see “disaster.” That truly concerned me. Right before Christmas my cousin, who suffered from MS was murdered. It was a double homicide in Charlotte, NC. Also, you said in 2021, I would be speaking for Black History month. Well, I received a call from the author of the book “The Black Cabinet,” and was asked to sit on a panel, at the Roosevelt home in NY, for Black History month. My grandmother used to educate Pres. & Mrs. Roosevelt on the plight of the “negro” people. OMG, what a gift!
I will be scheduling another reading with you. YOU ARE AMAZING, Ryan!

Donna M. Marshall from Maryland (2020)

My Email Q&A session was exactly as described but more than I expected. It’s described as “not ready for a session but still want insight”. The insight he offered was a combination of intuitive / spiritual advice and psychic insight which was very cool. One thing I really liked was that Ryan answered the questions so honestly. Some things I didn’t want to hear but needed to! It was extremely validating for someone to just understand. I love you for this amazing gift Ryan and can’t thank you enough for allowing me this priceless experience.

Alexis from Pennsylvania (2020)

I am beyond appreciative, amazed and blown away for what Ryan has done for me. I lost my fiancé just a few months back and he was able to give me information nobody could have known except those closest to her and he was able to tell me about his conversations and connections with my fiancé. It has taken the weight of the world off of my shoulders and I will absolutely in a short time pay for another session and get some spiritual counseling for myself. The way that you help people is so amazing to me! I wished I could help people in such a way, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Sonny Barkes from Idaho (2020)

Ryan did a home reading for my wife and I and when discussing his findings, he was absolutely professional and to the point. Ryan guided us through our situation and what we have been experiencing and ultimately helped us discover what we may be dealing with – even if it was not 100% related to the paranormal. Thank you again Ryan!

Felipe from New York (2020)

I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity with Ryan! He confirmed many personal health and emotional struggles that I have been dealing with. He reminded me that even though some family members may have passed, the stories of who they were and the little quirks that they did in life, still carry on long afterwards. Thank you so very much, Ryan!

Katie Glass from Texas (2020)

Ryan is a true professional and was able to focus in on so many details about my life.  I am amazed at the details he nailed about my health and the accuracy of communication with my mother who passed in March 2019.  I want to thank him for guiding me and helping me to confirm my life’s journey.

Sue Helber from Ohio (2020)

What an organized and fantastic way to schedule with Ryan. I absolutely loved the personal phone call, text and detail provided in my reading. The information about my health and finances was absolutely spot-on and gave me a sense of relief knowing that one of the callouts was not just in my head but an actual situation. Ryan is kind and compassionate and I can’t wait to schedule more time with him!

Pam from New Jersey (2020)

Wow! I knew it was important to be open to the reading but had no idea who Ryan would connect with nor what information he would have for me. It was incredible to believe he connected with two very important people in my life that had passed on. Him calling one of them the reason the family stuck together floored me as my daughter herself would say she was the glue of the family. His description of their look, physical appearances and causes of death were spot on. In addition to that, knowing a medical condition I have had that nobody knows about, surprised me and I found it interesting the additional information that he knew.  When Ryan said it’s time for change in many ways, he couldn’t have been more correct as I have struggled knowing this myself. Ryan was professional, kind and accurate and I would recommend requesting him for a reading.

D. Zepeda MD (2020)

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