Psychic Kids Testimonials

I have never had a reading with you but have watched Psychic Kids. It resonated with me on several levels and helped me to reconnect to things I remember going through as a young kid. I am on the path to reopening my abilities. This show helped me see synchronicities I missed as a child. I’d love for you to be open to mentoring adults in the future for people that question themselves like I do.
Kimberly (2021)

I love the show Psychic Kids. Growing up, I watched it when you were first on the show! And I watch it now in my older years as you and everyone else continue to mentor kids today!
Having abilities of my own, it was helpful to watch how to ground and protect myself. I meditate and imagine that white light is surrounding me. Not only does it calm me, but it helps to level me. I think it’s very important for others with gifts to understand their gifts but to also understand how to protect themselves from psychic attacks and demonic attacks.
Amber (2021)

I love Psychic Kids! People who don’t have abilities don’t necessarily see the other side of it. They don’t see the work it takes to control those abilities or face the negative stigma that could cause people to not want to embrace their abilities. I enjoyed taking a peek behind the curtain. Psychic Kids isn’t just about children learning to manage extraordinary skills; It’s young adults passing on good will, advice, and support to help these children and their families grow closer and lead more fulfilling lives. The true gem in the show is how the mentors relate to these somewhat misunderstood children.
Rachael (2021)

I absolutely love watching you mentor on Psychic Kids! You are so intuitive and grounding. Your heart is so big and it’s so obvious that you care a great deal about investing time and knowledge in these young individuals with confusing and powerful gifts. Thank you for being who you are and for doing the show. It’s extremely entertaining and educational for people that are curious about the special gifts others have!
Luna (2021)

My thoughts on Psychic Kids is that I binged all the episodes available on Netflix and I tell everyone I know to watch it. I was glued to each and every episode. I’m fascinated by children and their susceptibility to the supernatural.
Kimberly Robertson (2021)

Watching Psychic Kids, I found you to be compassionate, very knowledgeable, and legitimate . I have always been fascinated by the “unknown” and have some family members that are “gifted.”
Nikole (2021)

Psychic Kids is such an amazing show. I don’t have abilities but I could relate to feeling alone and wanting friends who understand and accept you. It was also great because my mom and I watched it together and we loved seeing how much growth and change there was in each one of you as you learned more about your gift and how to handle it. So to bring it full circle by you becoming a mentor has been beautiful. I hope we can see you help more kids.
Lisa Coffey (2021)

I love your spirit! I’ve watched Psychic Kids to learn more to help my son. We’re in this together as I know my son and I have been together in past lives. I haven’t been able to say that out loud until recently. My spirit feels free now that I’ve been able to speak about it. We both deal with our abilities (that aren’t like the show— just to a lesser degree) and I would like to continue to learn from you.
Kate Moran (2021)


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