Our world has been turned upside down. Nothing is as it was. Many people are out of work, children cannot attend school, many people are trapped inside their homes because of fear, or simply for their own safety. As of April 5, 2020, COVID-19 has made its presence in over 170 countries. The wrath of this virus has currently infected more than 1.2 million people and killed more than 68,000 worldwide so far.

The Coronavirus disease is also referred to as COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus). This is a common virus that mostly attacks the respiratory system. It was first identified in Wuhan City, China. It has since spread across the globe. A live-animal market is said to be the first link to the virus, but it has since started spreading from person to person. The virus is mainly spread from person to person due to close contact. The virus can also spread on surfaces if they were touched by the infected person. Some of those infected are asymptomatic, while others may experience a variety of symptoms. These symptoms can include a dry cough, a high fever, and difficulty breathing.

Over the last several weeks, hundreds of people have been asking me about the outcome of this virus. Therefore, I have taken the time to obtain insight and make predictions on where I think this pandemic will take us.

I want to share an experience I had several weeks ago. I was driving home and felt like I was somewhat in a daze. Then I heard what sounded like a radio with two people communicating. One of the people had a Mandarin accent, and the other person had an American accent. They were both discussing how 2 million individuals were infected with the Coronavirus. When this event happened to me while driving, the number of infected people was less than 1,000 at the time. This “conversation” that I was hearing continued between the 2 voices. They said they expected half-a-million individuals to get this virus. Many of them would never have the option to get tested so they would never know if they were actually carrying the virus. This was because symptoms were being overlooked early on, but also afterwards during the recovery period (if you survived the virus).

COVID-19 will continue to rage a war against us. Its wrath will not cease while we continue to look for answers and a solution. A pandemic like this would have never be expected in the world, and it would have taken years to appropriately prepare for it. However, people are still turning to the government for help and for answers. The conversation then faded away for me.

I want my message to be known and understood. The way we have been treating this earth is a direct link to COVID-19, and is the very reason we are experiencing something this intense now. There has been a virus on this Earth that has aided in animal extinction, plant destruction, and deforestation at unprecedented rates. This virus is called the human race! Eighteen million acres of forest is lost every year due to deforestation. Deforestation is decreasing oxygen levels and increasing greenhouse gases. The warming of our earth means our polar ice caps are melting and sea levels are constantly rising. The rates these are melting are about 0.12 inches (or 3mm) per year. When the sea levels continue to rise, they can contaminate water for drinking, threaten our wildlife, and change coastal life. Our oceans are filled with waste that humans have dumped (approximately 254,000 tons of it)! All of that waste is just floating in the water. We continue to pollute the air we breathe with our cars, factories, mining, and plain carelessness. This has also contributed to 7 million deaths a year. Humans have contaminated our ecosystems, contributed to the extinction of species, and destroyed the very place they’re supposed to call home.

For years we have been the virus that has plagued the earth, and now the earth has plagued us with a virus. Change must be made if or when we can find a solution for this virus.

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