Ryan Michaels is a psychic, medium, motivational speaker, paranormal researcher, consultant, writer, demonologist, exorcist, and TV presenter. Over the last 9 years, he has given more than 6,000 readings, helping those who come to him find answers and connect with those they have lost. He lends his gifts to the FBI and police to aid in numerous investigations. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in both Theology and Demonology from the American Institute of Metaphysics.

Born on April 1, 1994 in Beaverdale, PA, Ryan is the oldest of four children. His parents divorced when he was very young. His precognitive abilities manifested for the first time at 10 years of age. In a dream, an aunt told him that in six days a phone call would alert the family that she was ill and the next day she would pass. His dream came true, and a week later his aunt died from cancer. It was the first of many precognitive dreams about death to follow.

When Ryan was 13 years old, he was introduced to the Lily Dale community in New York. The Lily Dale Assembly is the World’s Largest Center for the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism. Ryan began to study mediumship and how to improve his gifts. That same year, he moved in with his grandparents to help care for his grandfather who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Sadly, two years later, after another precognitive dream, Ryan’s grandfather passed away. This painful loss left Ryan depressed, but proved to be a catalyst for the further development of his gifts. He continued working with teachers from Lily Dale for another two years.

At 16, Ryan was featured on the season three finale of A&E’s Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal. In the episode titled The Lost Soul, Ryan, along with the help of a fellow teenage medium, and several mentors, used his gifts to help police uncover details and clues in an on-going missing person case. His mentor on the show, Chris Fleming, had this to say:


“Ryan is a remarkable kid; he is good hearted and his intent to help is pure. During the taping of Psychic Kids, he impressed me and the crew with one of the most remarkable psychic forms of evidence I had ever witnessed – a combination of accurate remote viewing and direct contact as a medium. It was not only remarkable but verified a day later regarding a location he nor the crew had no way of knowing beforehand. It was an honor to work with him and witness his work, I can only imagine what his abilities will be like years from now.”


The experience helped Ryan gain confidence in his growing abilities. Two years later, Ryan was featured on ABC’s investigative news show 20/20.

At 22, after a six-year relationship ended, and “Uncle Rose,” a beloved aunt and loving role model for Ryan’s abilities passed from cancer, Ryan fell into a deep and long-lasting depression. He became ungrounded and lost control of his gifts. It was during this time that A&E reached out with an opportunity to be a part of Psychic Kids’ return to television. The show that had once helped him hone and grow his gift, once again lifted his spirits by offering him the chance to help guide and mentor a new generation of gifted kids.

Ten years ago, the original “Psychic Kids” chronicled the journeys of children who were learning to control their extraordinary abilities – and it changed their lives. In eight all-new episodes, those original kids, who are now successful young adults, will work to empower a new generation of young psychics alongside trained licensed therapists. They will spend time with the children and their families to assist them in not only taking control of their paranormal abilities, but also showing them the remarkable power of their immense gifts.

The reboot of Psychic Kids premieres Wednesday, August 21 at 10PM on A&E.

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